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Interview with Dr. Sherin Kunhibava, Senior Lecturer at University Malaya Law faculty

March 14, 2018

In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Sherin Kunhibava, a Senior Lecturer at the Univerity Malaya Law faculty who had her research on how Malaysia’s Islamic banks approach environmental impact recently published in the Arab Law Quarterly. Dr. Sherin’s expertise is in commercial law and Islamic finance law and she has worked both as an academic and also has worked in banking and elsewhere in the financial industry. 

Her research focuses on whether environmental impact is important for a bank’s identity as a Shari’ah compliant institution, how it should implement this in its operations and who should oversee whether its actions go far enough to meet its obligations for Shari’ah compliance.  Currently most Islamic banks don’t address environmental issues as a part of their Shari’ah governance process so her research includes some recommendations for how Islamic banks could start to address this issue.

Full citation: Sherin Kunhibava, Sarah Tan Yen Linga and Md Khalil Ruslan. "Sustainable Financing and Enhancing the Role of
Islamic Banks in Malaysia," 32 (2018) 129-157.

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