The Responsible Finance Podcast

Interview with Daud Vicary Abdullah, Managing Director of DVA Consulting Sdn Bhd and an RFI Trustee

April 10, 2018

For one RFI trustee who recently retired from running an Islamic finance university, the way forward for Islamic finance has become clearer as he has had more time to think.  Daud Vicary Abdullah, former president & CEO of INCEIF, the Global University on Islamic Finance, spoke to RFI Foundation CEO Blake Goud for our podcast following a presentation at the Securities Commission & Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) roundtable. 
Daud Abdullah’s conversation — which builds upon the many topics he has raised in articles for the RFI Foundation newsletter — sparked a bigger conversation on how Islamic finance can be truer to its broader objectives while navigating a world where turning principles into action can be difficult.

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